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Supercooling magic

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The project

The problem

Their old website was built with Wix and they were not happy with the aesthetics of the site, this was an easy fix. However, after looking through their site we realised that their biggest problem was the structure of the website and the lack of clear messaging.

They had a number of news articles written in big publications online and they were generating traffic to the site. Unfortunately, because of the structure and lack of clarity of the site, this traffic was not converting into enquiries or orders.

The solution

The first task was to create the content. we needed to condense all of the information that was spread over multiple pages and create a clear message explaining what the product does, who uses it and why the reader should buy it.

We would build the new site with WordPress so they would no longer have the sluggish issues that they were unhappy with using Wix. Our main goal was to create a website that quickly engaged the reader and guided them to make an enquiry about renting or buying the product. 


The supercooling machine is a high-value product that’s used in some of the world’s best bars and restaurants. We wanted the design and branding to reflect this through the use of colours and typography. We went with a black background for the site creating that premium feel. the blues we chose to contrast the black and represent the supercooling effect.

H1 font - Lustria


After creating the content, we structured the website into clear individual sections. This allowed us to guide the user easily by explaining what the product is, does and why they need it. We use clear call to cations through, which direct the visitor to an enquiry form to maximize conversions.

The results

Take a look at the numbers

By learning about your business and highlighting key areas that need improvement, we can define clear goals and establish strategies to achieve them. 

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Increase in conversion rates from organic traffic

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Increased conversions from email campaigns

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Reduction in bounce rate from organic traffic


Qualified leads in the first month

Client feedback

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